8:30am - 5:00pm

JobPath's Mission and Core Values

At JobPath, we ask that you show up, demonstrate commitment, and be courageous. Your aspirations are our aspirations. Let’s take this journey together. Change your path, change your life.

Our Mission
JobPath’s mission is to improve the economic status of underserved adults, by removing barriers to educational achievement, so that they can lead healthier and more prosperous lives.

We believe that when there is equal access and opportunity to achieve economic mobility, a thriving community follows. One in which everyone has the power of choice. Choice of job prospects, choice to purchase a home, and choice to save for the future.


Our Values

Courage - We strive to do the right thing, not the easy thing

Equity - We work tirelessly to ensure fair treatment, access and opportunity for economic advancement for all.

Integrity - We act with honor and truthfulness in all situations.

Quality - We have high standards for ourselves, those we serve, and the programs we support.

Community - We make our community stronger and healthier by helping people create healthier lives for themselves.