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About JobPath

Who We Are

Founded in 1998 by Pima County Interfaith Council and invested community members, JobPath is a workforce development and advocacy agency that helps adults succeed in two-year or less education and job-training programs that lead to in-demand, high-wage careers.

What We Do

JobPath partners with colleges and job-training centers and provides students with financial support and more to help them succeed in their programs of study - programs like nursing, or aviation technology (click here for a complete list of supported programs).

The financial support JobPath provides is individualized and can help students with both school and non-school related expenses. Many JobPath students are a $400 emergency away from having to drop out of their programs. JobPath gets them to the finish line.

Why JobPath?

JobPath students succeed! Look at these results:

  • JobPath students have a 90% graduation rate!
  • 85% find a job in their field of study within 6 months of graduation!
  • Most incredibly, JobPath graduates earn an average of nearly $50,000 right after graduation!

Please view the Outcomes & JobPath Financials page for more information.