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Patty Popp

Patty Popp

I began the Radiologic Technology program at Pima Community College in 1999. The rigors of a full-time program that included 1,800 clinical hours left little time to work and raise my two daughters. I worried about how I would make ends meet. Yet, I knew education was the road to a better paying job and a brighter future. I relied on financial aid but still struggled with certain bills. I heard about JobPath; I applied and was accepted. JobPath helped me maneuver through the system and provided financial assistance. I met with my JobPath counselor routinely, so any issues I encountered were quickly addressed. With that help, I finished my education and in 2001 I graduated and started my career as a Radiologic Technologist. The JobPath program works!

I chose to work at Radiology Ltd. because of the potential for professional growth. I learned other modalities and was offered management positions. Now I am a leader in my field. I became the Director for Clinical Operations with Radiology Ltd. in 2009. I manage eight sites with almost 200 employees. I would not be where I am today had JobPath not helped me when I was struggling to finish school. I am proud to say that I now serve on the JobPath Board of Directors and am a part of helping future students succeed like I did.