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Francesca Edwards

Francesca Edwards

Respiratory Therapist
2009 JobPath Graduate

Francesca Edwards had a goal: “All my life, I have wanted to be a contributing member of the medical community.” Francesca is a single mother with four children — two who are developmentally disabled. And, she has multiple sclerosis.

One day, a little over two years ago, Francesca “checked out” the Pima College website and the degree in Respiratory Therapy. “My life was at a standstill. I did not have any employable skills and the thought of going back to school was daunting and intimidating. How was I going to pay for school? I could barely pay my bills as it was.” Francesca applied to become a JobPath participant and for 2 years, “JobPath became my safety net and my family.” She is now working full time in a job she loves with a great salary and benefits. “I owe a sincere ‘thank you’ to JobPath for helping me reach my goals. Without JobPath, I would not have been able to accomplish my dream.”