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Success Stories

Success Stories

Recent Participant Comments

"The JobPath staff were extremely supportive of everyone in the program and they are truly making a positive impact on students taking the PCC Aviation Maintenance Courses because they truly care."

"Without JobPath, my GI bill would not have been enough to cover costs and I would have been homeless."

"As a single mother of two, JobPath has helped me numerous times when I was in financial distress. JobPath paid for my books, uniforms, helped me with my rent, utilities, and childcare. The gas cards were also a huge help for someone struggling like me. Besides the financial assistance, my JobPath mentors, have always been there for emotional and moral support all throughout my nursing school."

"I was having a hard time financially and it was to the point that I thought that I would have to withdraw from the program due to not being able to pay for the things required. More important than the money was the shoulder to cry on and the ear to vent because sometimes we can feel defeated when we are weak."

"Without the support of JobPath I don't know if I could have made it through Nursing school. In addition to the assistance with my mortgage payment and gas cards the guidance and support I received from my counselor is immeasurable. They helped me accept and face many obstacles that encountered. And sometimes I just needed to hear them say everything would be ok and I was going to make it."

"What I love about Job Path the most is the counseling and support it gave me. Being able to meet up every other week and be able to talk to my group and my counselor about everything and give each other guidance and we were just there for one another. Just knowing you have people there for you that are going through some of the same struggle's as you and know that my counselor is just a phone call away it what is truly amazing about Job Path."

"JobPath not only provided me with motivation, encouragement and confidence but also financially with school supplies and gas to get me to and from school/work."

"I can say for certain that my education would have been delayed or halted. My counselor helped us see the "light at the end of the tunnel" and was ALWAYS there when we needed them! Without the financial help I would have had to put things on hold until I was able to afford them. Putting things on hold would mean forfeiting the opportunity to continue the program, which in turn would end the entire process."

"I really appreciate all of the help while attending PCC. I feel very fortunate to have people like the JobPath staff advocating for me and the future of my family. Countless times you helped me succeed. I am happy to say that I feel successful as an individual thanks to your continuous, and generous support. Future students are lucky to be in the hands of such positive, helpful, loving individuals like you!"

"Thank you all so much for your support during my education journey at Pima College. Without your kind support I would have a much different experience. Whenever I needed assistance my counselor and the rest of the staff provided prompt assistance without hesitation. Your program is a great benefit to our community and I am forever grateful for your help."