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Looking Back on 2017

Since I’ve starting writing this blog nine months ago, I have found myself wondering what the purpose of this blog should be. I’ve written about participants, giving, and gratitude. Yet I write about those things consistently to those on our mailing list! I’ve decided that I want my communication with those who come across JobPath’s website to be a little bit more informal, yet informational.

So, what do I want to say as January 2018 leaves us and February begins?

I want to say, SLOW DOWN ALREADY!!

We still need time to reflect on 2017!

JobPath is a great organization that changes people’s lives! And in 2017, there were many positive enhancements at JobPath. Yours truly was hired as the executive director in April and two months later, Britta Homelvig was selected to be one of JobPath’s career counselors. With a full staff in tow, the team set forth to make the last six months of 2017 a time to try new things! And try we did!

We redesigned the website (and continue to make changes) for a better user experience. We created the JobPath Tour to share what we do and why it matters to community members (Shameless Plug: SIGN UP TODAY TO GO ON THE JOBPATH TOUR!). And we strengthened our communication with our JobPath champions: donors, supporters, and alumni!

In 2018, we will continue these initiatives and introduce new ones (we will let you know as they come!).

As we go forward, our guiding force will be attaining economic equity for all.

The struggle to attain economic equity for women and minorities is evident. Women and minorities earn less than Caucasian males do. Developing highly skilled employees who can then earn a livable wage means that the playing field can be more equitable. When women and minorities achieve financial independence, they experience choice. They can choose a job that will pay them their worth; they can choose to save for their futures; and they can choose to provide a foundation for their children.

JobPath exists to level the playing field and to allow everyone that same opportunity of choice.

Thank you, stay tuned, and dare greatly!