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Can I Be Frank?

Aviation Program Spotlight

The airport and the Air National Guard have signed a letter of intent to make way for a new main gate on South Park Avenue south of East Valencia Road.

Losing train service on longer train routes hurts people unable to fly or drive.

Learned skills from her mother, father.

An employee reported the man's remains were found on an undeveloped area of the ranch

The issues she was trying to raise match those a federal judge just used to stop the mine.

Only Romero says responses are a top priority, but Dorman and Farley, too, seek money to bulk up the police force.

This is the second year that several Pima County school districts have hired teachers internationally to lower high vacancy rates, a problem across Arizona throughout the state due to low teacher salaries.

Starting Sept. 1, the city will shift to curbside recycling every other week.

Lawsuit says companies that use facial recognition computer tools without person's knowledge violate privacy.