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Can I Be Frank?

Education news from Tucson and Southern Arizona.

The annual Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety report said Arizona had just five of 16 recommended safety laws, ahead of just five states.

An excerpt from “Tucson: A Drama in Time,” by John Warnock:

Also a good place to find a business that has earned accolades from the BBB.

Gov. Doug Ducey says the state's budget is "pedal to the metal," when it comes to building a new bridge over the Gila River and widening lanes between Casa Grande and Phoenix.

The district attributes the shortfall to a decline in student enrollment and its inability to get a budget override passed by voters last fall.

Student Annie Jared hired a private investigator to find out who was harassing her online.

The 2020 showcase, slated to begin on Feb. 1, will be the biggest yet, organizers say.

Beginning Feb. 2, the Kino Sports South Complex will offer free pickleball play during select hours as part of a grand opening promotion.

Evidence of the border wall project at the San Pedro River now consists of pink tape wrapped around 17 cottonwood trees in the riverbed next to stakes that read "Remove tree."