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JobPath Will Help You Succeed

JobPath Will Help You Succeed

At JobPath, we don't think you should have to choose between paying tuition or getting your car repaired to get to classes. Sometimes, it's the little expenses that can add up and stop you in your tracks at school. That's why with JobPath, you'll get:

1.) Individualized financial support for school (tuition, books, exam fees, etc.) and non-school related expenses (rent/mortgage, childcare, car repairs, gas, etc.), including emergencies

2.) Personalized career coaching and mentoring to help navigate work, life, and school

3.) Connection to other students and networking opportunities

Interested? See if you're eligible.

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JobPath Supports Participants Enrolled in the Following Programs:

*Please Note: Programs denoted with an '*' have pre-requisite coursework required that is not currently supported by JobPath.

Industrial Trades

Health Care Programs

Information Technology Programs

  • -Associate of Science Degree
    -Architectural Technician - Certificate
    -CAD Technician - Certificate
    -Civil Engineering CAD Technician - Certificate
    -Mechanical Designer/CNC Programmer - Certificate
    -Mechanical/Electro-Mechanical Designer - Certificate
    -Revit Technician - Certificate
    -SolidWorks Designer - Certificate

  • -Programmer/Cyber Security Analyst - Associate of Science Degree
    -Networking/Cyber Defense - Associate of Science Degree
    -CyberSecurity- Associate of Science Degree
    -IT Support Specialist - Certificate
    -IT Support Technician - Certificate